Nigerian men are special, and they usually have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. One of their special talents is dating multiple women at the same time and making each one feel like she is the only one. They’re so good at it that they hardly ever get caught. Because we l0ve you, we decided to give a few tips to help you know if you are a side chick:

1. He refuses to take pictures with you.

If he always finds an excuse not to take pictures with you or makes silly excuses such as ‘baby you know I’m allergic to the flash’  you’re probably the side chic.

2. He refuses to be seen in public with you.

If he’s always asking to come over to yours to ‘chill’ and refuses to take you out on dates or go anywhere with you, you just might be filling an extra spot in his life. Don’t listen to any of his excuses about ‘quality time

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