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Men love to brag about the size of their penis. It is believed that the bigger the penis, the more fun the woman will have. But is this always the case? Naij spoke to six women who were willing to reveal the reasons why they are not big fans of well endowed men.

‘Bad idea for first timers.’ – Linda
“My first time was with a guy who had a very big one. It was so traumatizing and painful that for a long time, I was afraid of sex. Eventually, I dated someone who was average and sex was fun. I made a vow to avoid those men that are bigger.”

‘Uncomfortable oral sex’ – Iyin, 26
“I currently have a fiance who is very endowed. I eventually got used to his size but it is so hard to give him oral sex. He loves getting it but it makes my jaw hurt for days after. I avoid giving him a blow job very often because it is so uncomfortable and I am sure he is not very happy about this.”

They don’t try hard enough – Rita, 24
“I don’t know if it is because having a big penis is something to be proud of, but the two endowed men I have had sex with do not try hard enough in the bedroom. They believe I do not need anything else apart from their big D. They are terrible with foreplay. One of them would never even finger me. He was always bragging about why I would need his finger when he is so big. Needless to say, I never lasted long in those relationships.”

Some positions are impossible – Aishat 
“Ah! I am currently dating one of those men right now. It is very uncomfortable sometimes. Before meeting him, I usually enjoy doggy style, but it has become such a terror to endure with him. He hits my cervix and it is not enjoyable. We only do missionary most of the time because it is less painful. It really does not make our sex life spicy at all.”

Hand jobs are difficult – Benita, 27
“My main issue with men that are big is that you cannot really wrap your hand around it. While it might seem like something to be impressed about, it really is no fun for me. I enjoy giving hand jobs for many reasons, especially as foreplay. But when I dated one endowed guy for a year, I did not enjoy it. It cramped my hands and made things difficult.”

It’s all they talk about – Franca, 24
“My only issue with them is that they talk about how big it is too much. One I dated one time cannot have sex without mentioning how big it is, like 50 times in every round. He will ask me to say how big he is, he will make me talk about how I enjoy the size, etc. When I want to do dirty talk my way, he will just ignore and would rather spend the whole session talking about his penis and how I should be grateful for it. It was not fun.”

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