An old survey conducted by a British agency in various areas of the globe has revealed the laziest football celebrities in the entire world.

The survey was focused on professional players exclusively, thus, resonant names such as Totti, Messi, or Ozil ended up occupying surprising positions right next to some of the most cranky and pretentious Premier League players, such as Ben Arfa, Berbatov or the infamous “Lord Bendtner”.

Without any further introduction, these are the Top 10 of the laziest pro football players, according to their colleagues’, coaches’ and managers’ testimonials.

10. Francesco Totti

With more than 230 goals out of 560 matches played for Rome, Totti is considered one of the greatest footballers in history. However, according to longtime coach Claudio Ranieri, Totti was at the same time the first payer to get tired during matches and the first player to leave while training.

09. Lionel Messi 
Catalan supporters have criticized Lionel Messi several times in the past, especially before the World Cup disputed in Argentina.

That year, Messi showed a weak play for more than half of the season, apparently in order to maintain his strength for the international competition.

Argentinians were second to enforce these claims, criticizing Messi for being almost never present on his side of the field during the Copa America.

08. David Silva 
A true magician of the round ball, David Silva is recognized in Great Britain as that one player who never had a defensive phase in his entire Premier League career.

According to numerous British followers, Silva did not even manifest the intention to run whenever the action was heading to his side.

07. Mario Balotelli 
Balotelli is a living legend and one of the most enthusiastic and lively players in history. Nevertheless, the images showing him lying down while the entire team was doing push-ups have gained worldwide recognition.

06.Mesut özil

By the time he was playing for Arsenal, the entire gallery and all of the team’s fans have almost started a rebellion against him, accusing him of slacking the entire season and being the main reason behind the constant humiliating defeats suffered by Arsenal against their arch-enemy at that time, Chelsea FC, comparing him to  free slots real money play.

05.Martin Skrtel

It seems the UK has this effect on foreigners as, by the time he was playing in the Premier League, the Slovak managed to set a record of 5 own-goals during one single season.

04.Obi Mikel

The top continues with another popular former Chelsea Player, as Obi Mikel received serious critique for African Nations Cup where he barely moved, showing no intention to attack whatsoever.

03.Ben Arfa

Arfa was forced to pay a reasonable fine by his team at that time, Newcastle, after gaining a couple of pounds too many when he returned from a short vacation.

02.Niklas Bendtner

A former Juventus and Arsenal star, the Danish player received serious critique from his next coach for never giving 100% during training. The statement also attracted the nickname "Lord Bendtner".

01.Dimitar Berbatov

Despite being one of the most acclaimed Bulgarian players in football, after having joined Manchester United, Berbatov gained the reputation of the most capricious and uninterested player on the field.

As the record shows and rumors have it, most of these players were more interested in playing slots UK online at that time than playing football.

The UK vibe seems to have an interesting effect, especially on foreigners. Perhaps the renowned British calm transcends to the green field, catching some of the most talented players off guard and making them lose interest pretty fast.

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