I will teaches you how you can link your Facebook account to Twitter so that posts and status updates you share on Facebook appear in your Twitter feed. 1. Go to in a desktop or mobile Web browser. If you're not signed in automatically, log in to Facebook. 2.Click Link to Twitter. A button will appear next to your profile, as well as any Page that you manage. Click the button for each profile or Page you want to link. 3.Enter your Twitter username and password. If you're logged in automatically, you won't need to sign in. 4.Click Authorize app. Your public Facebook posts and status updates will now be shared to your linked Twitter account. Posts that are not public will not be shared to your Twitter feed. Click Edit Settings below your user or Page name to limit the Facebook content you share on Twitter. Click Save Changes to update your settings. Click Unlink from Twitter to disconnect Twitter from your Facebook account. You can also link your Twitter account to your Facebook account so that your tweets appear on Facebook.


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