Ay i i i heard some Niggas talkin sh*t em Buh I Be Like Tomiton Yomeh Tomiton Yomeh

Mehh mehh mehh mehh mehh mehh mehh Tomiton Yomeh
I Ain't Fuckin with Yo Niggas I Fuck with my homies nomiton yomeh
I Gah The Key To My City am runnin the city kele mademeh
Tell 'em The wack Rappers That been ha'in to go For A Break
I run It

I Gah The Keyz (I run It)
They Wanna beef (I run It)
Buh Am all about My cheese (I run It)
Tell' em The whac Rappers That been ha'in to go For a Break
I run It

Verse One

Niggaz been talkin A lotta Sh!t talkin lotta trash dey Ain't been doin
Dey Ain't gah na'in to offer
Doin Wha We did Is wha dey been doin
I Keep It real with My homies, We doin wha We know doin no fakin
Just Do me A favor and shut It up If u Ain't gah na'in Better To rap about
Is very clear You Wanna F*ck with us
Buh sorry boy You Cannot hang with us
Ur b*tch givin Me attention Cuz I gah The juice She Ain't f*ckin wichyo at all
Now roll It up, rasta
Light It up gimme The ganja
Puff It up, gansta
Gunshot thats The life style
And this Is A dedication to the whac Rapperz out there droppin Sh!t as A Flow
I Ain't f*ckin wichyo n*ggaz
Pull The trigger On y'all Cuz You re nothing Buh...


Verse two

We hit the club,and We Gah Everywhere shakin Like Rapture Is taking place
Mhalenicki On The MIC
Whachu expe'in, set all The Place ablaze
So give space when I run The MIC, Cuz You Ain't gah no'in to showcase
For those who thinkin hiphop Is dead watch out Cuz Y'all I Wanna bench
Mo'fos watch Your white stain, Cuz I spit nothing buh dirty flow
Who Wanna Stop Moving Train
Cuz I Gah My Flow On Motion Better Let It Go
And I Ain't human Ama monster
F*ck The Game Good Like A porn star
Porn star yea Like A porn star
Shine all night Cuz Ama born star
Young star hate being broke
Main reason why I Broke The law
Gucci and versace versace
Private jet I Wanna Have It all


Verse three

I Gah The Keyz Keyz Keyz Keyz
They Wanna beef beef beef beef
Me and You We Ain't The same bruh Am all about my cheese cheese cheese cheese
I Just Wanna Make history
Tryna put my city On The map
Big up To My OG dope G's yea I Ain't talkin' hoes please
I Gah OG Like Malick, OG Koskoora, OG Follas
Hopefully Nigga we Gon blow Like bombblast
Big Boss Like Big Frank
OG Like Tia-Tia, OG Like Nelly, OG El_kanemi
OG Topmandon,OG Like Elvis, DJ Like Richie F*ck Any Thing Failure Nigga We Gon Be Rich
I Gah OG Like Skychris, OG Teensmoney, OG WoleDSB DSB We Never Gon Stop Believing
I Gah OG Like Yullaws, OG Lil Gras Mec, OG Like Charlay One F*ck Any Other Charlay Nigga You The One
I Gah OG Like Sir Tee,OG Like P Love, OG Like Whiz_Bob,Homie With Belly Like Rick Ross
I Gah OG Like 9vx, OG Like Tokyo
Mad producer Like marvin bangs Bang bang bang bang bang bang
Bang bang



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