Weddings are a big deal across the world. They are special events in the life of most people, so a lot of effort and resources are invested into making them successful and memorable. 

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One of the most important features in the wedding budget is photography. Couples spend good money to hire good photographers to capture what is the best moment in their lives.

And on D-Day, they put forward their best pose in order to get the special pictures that they crave. While it mostly turns out good, there are times that things go wrong.

Here are 12 examples of wedding pictures that went horribly wrong and found their way onto the internet:

When you marry a mechanic who is used to sucking fuel from the car carburetorWhen the wife's father does not support the weddingWhen the money you spent on the wedding is borrowed, you want to start getting value for money immediatelyWhen you want to prove that you have arrived - the newest groom in town!Jackie Chan style. This is serious!When hubby has been watching too much James Bond moviesWhen there is no money, but the love is too strong.When hubby is the branch manager of a susu collection companyWhen hubby is a die-hard Man United fan.When weed finds its way into the jollof rice eaten at the reception


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