use the power of a short 15 minute clip to change the game in the comedy industry is quite impressive. These young talents have defined how instrumental comedians are to the success story of the art/entertainment. Much so that most of them have used their talents to bring smiles to the faces of millions of Nigerians. As a result of this, these comedians have crossed over from making hilarious skits on the internet to the real stage. NET brings you a list of Top 10 Instagram comedians who are giving mainstream comedians a run for their money

Craze Clown
Medical doctor by day, comedian by night. Crazeclown gathered over 1 million followers far back as 2015 when Instagram videos were just 15-second skits. The resident doctor in the US offers undiluted comedy as Baba Ade. He once revealed that he faced the task of finding balance between his craft and his studies while managing with the loss of his father in 2005

He disguises as the character Mama Tobi. Oluwakaponeski as he is fondly called, is a delight anytime. A quality which distinguishes him is his ability to switch between different characters at anytime.

Woli Arole
From his artistry to passion for selfies, Woli Arole registered his image in the mindset of people with his hilarious videos. He began preaching and prophesying unto people’s lives and has continued to use his comedy as a means to reach thousands of people on the internet.

Wofai Ifada
At a first glance, Wofai comes across as a regular girl you meet on a normal day. But her striking story lines and videos get her over 200,000 views per post on Instagram. She is not only a comedian. Her talent spans through different fields in the industry. Asides from been a comedian, She is also an actress and an event compere.

The name Ereme Abraham might not ring a bell but once you mention Twyse, comedy enthusiasts but burst into laughter because of his comedy skits. Twyse is currently the only comedian that makes skits with five characters, all in one video. He once revealed that online comedy made him a superstar of some sort. “Because of my videos, I can’t even go to the market, train station or walk on the street in peace” Twyse said

Through her smooth mimicking skills, Maraji launched some of her videos into the online space. Her potentials are limitless and she is definitely a face to look out for in the entertainment industry.

Chief Obi
Chief Obi describes himself as a ‘professional mad man’ and he actually personifies this through his hilarious skits, Chief Obi rose through Instagram comedy to performing at most glamorous shows in the UK.

 A pioneer when it comes to singing amusing covers of the most popular songs on the globe, Comedian, Josh2funny began by just playing a character ‘Agatha’ 2014. In a short while, Josh2funny began to gain prominence. Today, his unique videos are known for creating buzz and serious engagement on Instagram.

Ogben Adan 
 Baba Adan is a torn in the flesh of his son Adan, but in real life, he is a sweetheart to lovers of comedy. His signature is simply a cutlass, a purple old school Agbada and a yellow cap. The skit maker who is currently a student of theatre Arts from Babcock University is growing to become a superstar with a strong influence on today’s comedy scene.

 Most of his fans call him witty and spontaneous. Slkomedy is not your regular comedian, this is because of his smart and unique use of words which leave his fans reeling with laughter.


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