The singer who has been inactive in his music career has no plans to get married. When he does, it will be a discreet affair.

Ketchup is careful about having an extravagant wedding party based on family interest and a submission that prospective guests will have no qualms laughing at him if he goes broke.

He expressed this in an interview published  on Saturday, January 20, 2018, which saw him clarify that he is not looking to tie the knot as was earlier perceived. The singer explained that a video which suggested that he was getting ready to wed was actually in preparation for a friend's event.

'Rice eaters will laugh at me when I am broke' - Ketchup  (Press)

But when he eventually decides on getting married, it won't be a secret affair neither will it be noisy, as has been observed with fellow entertainers.

According to the songster, maintaining discretion in his dealings is of utmost importance.

“People have been calling to wish me a happy married life because they believe I’m secretly getting married. The video I posted was just about me preparing for a friend’s wedding taking place on Saturday (today).

“Yeah, when I’m getting married I wouldn’t get married secretly but silently, my job is already loud enough, that is exactly how I will like to handle my private life.

“Different people with different vibes you know, just to keep my private life out of the people’s reach. I’ll rather save for my family than share rice round the town; God forbid if something goes wrong some of these same rice eaters will be the same ones to laugh at me," says Ketchup who has had a quiet music career in recent times.

Family and health issues ensured that singer stayed inactive in his music career.  (Press)

The singer whose 'Show me your rozay' hit track released in November 2012, took the attention of music lovers all over Nigeria, has had to deal with family and personal health issues during the course of his career.

These contributed to a lack of action in the entertainment scene. He confirmed this in a July 2017, chat with Vanguard News.

“When I dropped ‘Show me your rozay’, it was like a national anthem in Nigeria at that time. There are a lot of things that you can’t explain to everybody; when I dropped Show me your rozay I lost my dad; I’m from an Igbo family and I’m the first child and I had to go through surgery on my right leg.

"The doctor was like if I don’t do this surgery I won’t dance again ever, and dancing is my life. I was a little drawn back at the time because Show me your rozay was a little faster than me at that time. I had to attend to family and my health at the same time, I wasn’t really out there as I should have been.

"That’s why sometimes I like to introduce myself when I meet people, so that’s one of the complications I think affected me as an artiste.

"The industry also ran me down a lot of times when I was trying to push my music and nobody knew what I actually looked like, some people thought I was Jamaican because my music was out there but you wouldn’t know it’s me," the singer revealed.

Ketchup in an interview with Pulse TV.  (Pulse)

Ketchup unsurprisingly understands the concept of music especially when it concerns the dancehall genre.

In an August 2015, interview with , the singer got down to explain the difference between the Nigerian version of the latter and Caribbean variety.


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