Few days ago a beautiful couple went viral on social media, after it was revealed that the groom in question took to Social media to “request” for someone who’d marry him.

His new bride Sophy Ijeoma who commented and showed interest went on to build a chemistry with Chidimma, and the On 6th of January, 2018 they got married.

According to Chidimma claims, he made the post on the 30th of December, Sophy commented on the same said date, and they got married on the 6th of January in 2018.

Now, there are rumors flying around that these new couples have been dating for the past 1 year now, and it was just a stunt they both pulled.

According to some pictures gathered, which was shared by Chidimma himself on the 3rd of December, Chidimma and his new wife Sophy, were on a date. (See below, the time-stamp says the picture was shared on the 3rd of December)

Also a post by Tunde Ednut reads;


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