altercation between Igbo industrialist, Innoson

Chukwu with Nigerian state security and

financial crime agency which led to serious

national uproar, another Igbo prominent son who is into real estate and financing, Engr.

Emmanuel Mbaka have fallen victim to an

allegation of sponsoring Boko Haram leading to

the visit of his home in Abuja by men of the

Nigeria Police in search of exhibits. During the

visit, IGBERE TV gathered that the Police officers who were armed to the teeth,

ransacked the whole house on the allegation

that he is a sponsor of the Boko Haram terror

group. Our source had this to say; “Mbaka’s

home was turned inside out, the cars in his

compound & water storage tanks were ransacked in search of weapons he was

alleged to have stock piled & is supplying to the

terror group to destroy the same Nigeria he

has invested so much in” he concluded. Engr

Emma Mbaka is the founder & managing

director of Platinum Mortgage bank. He is a foremost real estate developer in Abuja &

across the country, Trademore developers. The

owner of the largest building structure owned

by an individual, Platinum Mega Mall Abuja. A

hotelier, Common Wealth Hotels and a great

philanthropist. Emma Mbaka Foundations is one of the highest donors to Catholic faith in

Nigeria, a Palpal Knight & employer of many

thousands of Nigerians to mention a few.
Credit: AFN


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