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First read this beautiful one line reply by Gopalkrishna Vishwanath sir:

Now coming back,

“Why didn't Mark Zuckerberg get a more beautiful wife?”

“Because he is already married to his superwoman.”

I think the caption for the below must be,

“Marry someone who looks at you the way Mark looks at Priscilla!”

Stop relating temporary looks to beauty, my friend. I am no expert in love but I at least know that it’s much, much, much more than that!

(On a lighter note, Mark would definitely be delighted by the huge amount of support here. All hail to Quora!)

And for the part which mentions about “trophy wives”, it's very rare that someone in their full sense would do that. You have to be Donald Trump to gift yourself a Slovenian wife.

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Prathamesh Satardekar

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17w ago

Originally answered for: Why didn't Mark Zuckerberg get a more beautiful wife?

Because Mark Zuckerberg loves Priscilla Chan!

The love story of Mark and Priscilla dates back to the time when they both were studying in Harvard University. Soon, as they started dating each other, Mark dropped out of Harvard for founding the existing social network giant, Facebook!

Despite Mark’s workaholic attitude, Priscilla always stood by him. She loved him when he was nothing. Their love for each other, back those days, was much stronger than fame they get now & it is still stronger as evident from their Facebook posts.

When Mark moved to California, even Priscilla moved there and continued her medical studies in the University of California. Like every other girl, Priscilla expected Mark to spend time with her by leaving Facebook aside and Mark always fulfilled her wishes like a sincere boyfriend.

As soon as Priscilla graduated in 2012, Mark declared his wedding.

It was Priscilla who supported him when he used to be busy working for something they never knew could transform him into a person worth $62.5 billion.

It is Priscilla who loves and cares for him immensely as much as he does, ever since they started dating.

It is Priscilla who inspires him to donate moneyin order to improve education and health-care facilities world-wide.

Being a medical student, it was Priscilla who inspired him to promote organ donation on Facebook.

It was Priscilla who inspired him for utilizing most of their Facebook shares for health and education through their foundation named Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

To cut it short, Mark preferred love over beauty!

And finally talking about Priscilla’s beauty, look how beautiful she is:

Information source:

Image source:

Edit: Image is changed after a claim of previous photo not being her!

Nimesh Damani

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30w ago

In his recent speech at Harward, Mark did mention that lot of people think Facemash (his first prank website) was the base of Facebook. But he is happy that he created Facemash because of that he got to meet Pricila, the most important person in his life.

It is not always about looks, that's your outer beauty which tends to diminish as you grow old but it's the character of the person that you ultimalltely have to live with.

Balaji MJ

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35w ago

Mark Zuckerberg is fifth richest man in the world. Recently,I was watching his Harvard speech. After watching his video,this question was popping on my feed. I’m a biggest fan of Mark Zuckerberg,how can I leave this question after seeing it.

The words he spoke in his speech was My best memory in Harvard is meeting Priscilla”, without facemash ( a prank website created before facebook by Mark) I wouldn’t have met Priscilla”. Priscilla is an important person in my life.

This was Mark Reaction when he actually spoke these words

Priscilla reaction

Hope I have answered the question.

At the end,only love wins.

Looks cannot compete with love.

Gokul Raj

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35w ago

Someone like me for example. What does she have more to offer? (Original)

Who told you that marriage is very concerned about Beauty?

Or who told you that relationships are concerned about Beauty in any sense?

What if you have an ugly mother ? You will hate her?

What if you have an ugly daughter ? You will expect her to offer things to you ? ( As you said in the comment)

People fall in love my dear friend. It’s never about your physical beauty or attractiveness.

Physical beauty is highly overrated by our brain.

Btw, how could you even ask this question on this beautiful couple?

Rininta Anasthasia Lopulisa

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35w ago


What’s beauty to you?

Define beauty.

—-Beau.ty (n) : a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses.—-

This, i present you the evolutionary/biological perspective of human facial/body attractiveness applied to this beautiful woman, Priscilla Chan.

(I’m sorry Priscilla for doing this but i can’t help myself wanting to list out this shallowexplanation of beauty standart to the OP. I think it’s the only way to make her (OP) understand what beauty is. Assuming the OP won’t accept the “beauty is in the eye of beholder” kind of answer.)

So here we go.

Priscilla Chan

Shape : Oval and Symmetrical (checked)

Skin Color / Texture : Clear skin. No pimples. Naturally taned. Even skin tone. Checked. Checked. Checked.

Nice Thick Healthy Hair. Checked.

Oral Hygiene : clean, straight, white teeth (checked), healthy gum (checked)

Cheekbones : high. So attractive. Both of those cheekbones, double checked.

Eyes : very kind eyes yet so confident & fierce. Checked!

Full eyebrows, checked. (Bonus : they look natural // NOT painted or sculpted or whatever you call it)

Nose Golden Ratio : nosetrils to the nasal tip ratio 1:1.68 CHECKED!!

Physicaly and Emotionally Healthy (checked)

Age : young and fertile. Checked.

Height/Weight : ideal/proportional. Checked.

Cleanliness / Body Odour : she always look well put together, well-dressed, presentable, clean. All in her effortlessly graceful and elegant style. Checked.

Waist/Hip Ratio : don’t know, doesnt really matter cause it changes time to time depends on your lifestyle and hormonal state. Checked.

Heart of Gold : checked. (Charities yo)

Harvard : checked.

Multilingual : checked.

Inteligence & Personality : you knew it already from all of the answers here and all over internet.

And, she’s real. No fake breasts, fake eyebrows, fake hair. Checked.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of beholder.

What’s beautiful to YOU might be hideous to others.


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