12,000 Per Day: This Chinese App Allows People To Hire & Share Used S£X Dolls

Before shutting down, the app, Touch had around 53 million users on its app and 45 per cent of them were people in their 20s.

It was said that 30 per cent of their customers were female.

The app, called ‘Touch’, launched in September, 2017 released silicone models dressed in different characters, including Wonder Woman, a schoolgirl and a maid, nurse and so on.

The app was available to be downloaded in Apple’s app store on September 11, and it contained online forums and a shopping page for intimacy gadgets.

The controversial app which lets people rent a s.ex doll for £34 a day later shut down due to ‘negative social influence’.

The news came only days after the app, called ‘Touch’, was launched in Beijing, China.


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