For her 20th birthday two days ago, Winner of 2017 Queen of Akwa Ibom Teenagers Forum (Miss Akwa Ibom Teen), Abasiodiong Eno Inyang shared sexy pictures of herself with her boobs flashing from an unbuttoned denim shirt and another puffing out cigarette smokes from her nose. What she didn’t know was that the photoshoot was going to cost her her crown.

Organizers of the beauty pageant have dethroned her as according to them, the act didn’t uphold the moral standards of their organization.

In their statement concerning the dethronement, they wrote:

“That Miss Abasiodiong Eyo has been dethroned as the 2017 Queen of Akwa Ibom Teenagers Forum and excommunicated from the Forum, forthwith. Ours is a Forum, committed to raising the bar in pageantry, with high moral etiquettes, and as such, has zero tolerance for indiscipline in any form, whatsoever.

“That a new Queen, Miss Meggy Linus has been appointed and will be crowned within 48 hours of the Release. Miss Linus was the First Runner-up at the 2017 Edition of Mr/Miss Akwa Ibom Teen.

“We sincerely regret any inconvenience the puerile behaviour of our former Queen may have caused the general public, while also urging social media users to refrain from tarnishing the image of Akwa Ibom Teenagers Forum.”

See the birthday pictures in question below:


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