Was Libya better under the rule of Gaddafi?

Andrew Hoi

27w ago

Gaddafi built Libya from a mess to the 5th richest country in Africa[1] . As you can see people lived mostly in peace and prosperity.

For those who believe “democracy saves everything” Libya’s success is the same as other examples such as Taiwan and Singapore. In these case a wise dictator is better than a messy democracy.

Just because the west has already developed based on democracy and free market, does not mean democracy and free market are the causes of prosperity. Other countries could achieve prosperity by other means. But of course the western media would like to use “Democracy” as a war motto to make their war sounds more justified.

In summary. Arab spring may be a root cause of the civil war. But what fuels the civil war is the American and NATO force[2]. Gaddafi’s already built a wealthy Libya. He wanted an end to the petro-dollar imperialism to build higher prosperity for his people but was hammered by the American.

Update 2017

Hilary Clinton's emails have revealed why the greedy Nicholas Sarkozy led NATO to bomb Libya. Prior to the conflict, Libya had accumulated 143 tons of gold. The purpose was to use this large gold reserve to establish a Libyan golden Dinar currency across the whole Africa. This was a major threat to the French franc currency in Africa.

In a conversation with Tony Blair, Gaddafi warned that the collapse of Libya will contribute to Islamic extremism in Europe[3] .

We all know by now what Gaddafi said was true. Only the greedy idiots sitting in the parliaments wanted Libya to collapse. Now the citizens of France and the UK are paying the price.


Manyuka Kitongo

All things Africa

83w ago

Definitely yes!! Libya under Gaddafi was not entirely hellish as the world has been made to believe. The citizens did not have the luxury of voting but Gaddafi made sure they had a high standard of living to compensate for curtailed freedoms. Was this enough? That is a moot point but the fact remains: Libya was a great place to stay under Gaddafi and is now worse off.

Here are a few points which actually show that Libya was much better with Gaddafi.

Education and medical treatment were free.Under Gaddafi, education and health care were free for all. A response to this claim by Masareef Edareeya, a Libyan citizen claimed the quality of education and health was appalling but that does nothing to the fact that it was free. No system is perfect but most are imperfect and still expensive. Gaddafi made sure his system was subsidised and even Mercy Corps attested to the fact in itsBeyond Gaddafi: Libya’s Governance Context. That is more than the so-called “democratic leaders” can say for their countries.

Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project. The Gaddafi regime embarked on one of modern man’s edifices of development: the Great Man-Made River Project to make water available to the whole country. As is known, Libya is in a desert region and Gaddafi’s plan to ascertain every citizen of access was the Great Man-Made River Project.

Libya had no external debt and had reserves of $150 billion most of which were frozen globally.Libya was a well-endowed state. To put this into perspective, the self-acclaimed champion of democracy and capitalism, the USA has a debt of over $18 trillion. Libya had none. Enough said.

The price of petrol was $0,14 per litre. In 2011, Staveley Head, a UK-based provider of insurance products compiled a list of countries with the lowest petrol prices in the world. reported the listing which put Libya at third position with its low $0,14.

Gender equality actually a reality. Women in Libya were free to work and dress as they liked, subject to family constraints. The “dictator” did not impose any particular repressive canon on women and considering the sensitivities of the Arab community to gender roles, this was a big feat. Universal access to primary education was achieved in a relatively short space of time under Gaddafi.

More reasons can be found here

Saumya Brata Dutt

Platform Evangelist - Hurify

1w ago


Libya under Gaddafi was not so much terrible as the world has been made to accept. The subjects did not have the advantage of voting but rather Gaddafi ensured they had an elevated requirement of living to adjust for diminished opportunities. Was this enough? That is an unsettled issue yet the reality remains: Libya was an awesome place to remain under Gaddafi (if one didn't attempt to usurp control).

Training and therapeutic treatment were free

Under Gaddafi, training and social insurance were free for all. A reaction to this claim by Masareef Edareeya, a Libyan national guaranteed the nature of instruction and wellbeing was shocking however that does nothing to the way that it was free. No framework is flawless yet most are defective and still costly. Gaddafi ensured his framework was sponsored and even Mercy Corps verified the reality in its Beyond Gaddafi: Libya's Governance Context. That is more than the alleged "fair pioneers" can state for their nations.

Gaddafi did the world's biggest water system venture

The Gaddafi administration carried on one of greatest structures of improvement: the Great Man-Made River Project to make water accessible to the entire nation.

Libya had no outside obligation and had stores of $150 billion the greater part of which were solidified all around.

Libya was a blessed by the gods state. To place this into viewpoint, the self-acclaimed champion of popular government and private enterprise, the USA has an obligation of over $18 trillion. Libya had none. That's all anyone needs to know.

The cost of petroleum was $0.14 per liter

In 2011, Staveley Head, a UK-based supplier of insurance items gathered a rundown of nations with the most reduced petroleum costs on the planet. China news, weather, business, travel & language courses detailed the posting which put Libya at third position with its low $0,14.

Having a house was viewed as a human right

Gaddafi's Green Book completely expressed, "The house is a fundamental need of both the individual and the family, along these lines it ought not be possessed by others." The Green Book was Gaddafi's authoritative handbook for political theory and had first been distributed in 1975. He pledged that he would not secure a house for his own particular guardians until the point that each native had one.

Gender equality really a reality

Ladies in Libya were allowed to work and dress as they preferred, subject to family imperatives. The "tyrant" did not force a specific abusive ordinance on ladies and considering the sensitivities of the Arab people group to sexual orientation parts, this was a major accomplishment. General access to essential instruction was accomplished in a moderately short space of time under Gaddafi.

Individuals had enough food

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) affirmed that undernourishment was under 5% with a day by day calorie admission of 3144. This was one "oppressor" whose subjects had enough. With the Great Man-Made River Project, Gaddafi was securing a considerably brighter agrarian future to encourage his country. Cynics can be guaranteed he was nourishing subjects for the butcher.

John Burgess

More than 50 years dealing with 'Inside the Beltway'

201w ago

I think there are two major factors that need to be considered in answering this question:

The fact that the nation was ill-prepared to create, after his removal, a functioning, representative state out of nothing due to the lack of any Civil society under Gaddafi

That various people will give different weights to different aspects of life.

In the short term, things are obviously worse. Rather than an orderly -- albeit thuggish -- government, Libya has to deal with chaos at the moment. Because all power and all decision-making was in the hands of a single individual, the disappearance of that individual from the scene is necessarily going to lead to a diminution of services. Libya under Gaddafi had no functional parliament or other legislature. It was a police state whose rules were determined by an individual. Violation of those rules was dealt with as he felt fit, sometimes by citing "Libyan law", sometimes by piques of anger and a desire for the personal destruction of an offender. Even refugees who had fled Libya were hunted down outside the country and killed.

There's also some room to debate whether not having to pay electric bills or free health care are worth living in a society where saying the wrong thing can lead to your murder, or being too prettycan lead to your rape. I'm sure some would find these acceptable trade-offs. Others might not.

Until Libya settles down -- and I'd give that at least ten years' time -- it's too soon to say whether Libya is better off post-Gaddafi than it was during his reign.

Jones Averino

College Student

24w ago

You know it’s amazing how the cult of Gaddafi actually grow. As a few of Libyans in Quora has answered, Libya is not an utopia in Gaddafi’s rule

Sure the education and healthcare were free but the condition and quality is very bad. Not to mention the long list of oppression, imprisonment without trial (or even charges), taking girls for sex party etc etc (The Muammar Gaddafi story - BBC News ; Mad Dog: Gaddafi's Secret World)

Adding to that, Gaddafi’s Libya also fund and supply a lot of rebels worldwide and let them train in Libya. The list includes:

If Libya was a paradise like you all described then tens of thousands people would not rise and take arms against him. I mean if I live comfortably with good free education, healthcare, economy and much freedom, I’m sure as hell won’t take my AK-47 and rebel if some foreigner told me to do so.

Having said that, Libya is sure deteriorating fast thanks to the second civil war in the country due to lack of a post-war strategy from NATO with battles raging everywhere in Libya today and even cases of modern slavery and human trafficking going unchecked. If you compare the Libya today to the Gaddafi one then well yes Gaddafi might seem better but in the future I’m uncertain that it will stay that way.

Lin Xieyi

A Global Citizen

22w ago

Under Gaddafi’s rule 5 years ago, just before the French-led NATO intervention into Libyan civil war in early 2011,

GDP per capita was USD$29,000(PPP basis) It is currently USD$11,000(PPP), more than a double drop in living standards.

healthcare for Libyans were free, but now it is estimated that 2.5 million Libyans are in need of healthcare subsidies.

Education was free and Illiteracy rate was 20%, but now 600 schools are closed and 270,000 Libyan youngsters have no school to attend.

Sectarian violence were unheard of. Now there were tensions among all major clans And Just recently, a pet monkey attack on a schoolgirl sparks deadly clashes between clans which leave 20 dead.

Household electricity was free and generous subsidies were given for weddings, housing and car purchase. Now Libyans have to pay full price for everything.

You can decide for yourself if life was better then or now.

Nasraf Serzanli

1w ago

For the people hailing Gaddafi, I will present a very different story. Gaddafi was, in fact, nothing better than any other dictators in the Arab world anyway. Let’s be fair, Libya was not better under Gaddafi.

Gaddafi’s great projects were huge, but it was not to serve the Third World or Libyan people, but mostly for his loyalists and his family. For sure is the “Great Man-made River” - it was seen as “great”, but it was mostly paid by Gaddafi’s money, to send water for his own men.

Literacy is high, but mostly in the cities not the other parts. Libya is only 6 million and inhabitated with a very huge territory. It is so easy to have such population literate. However Gaddafi neglected and fabricated the number, so while the number was high - it only still counted on 10% of whole Libyans! The fact is when the Libyan War occurred, still over more than 60% Libyans remain poorly illiterate or primary educated.

Libya’s economy was controlled by Gaddafi and he didn’t approve any changes outside his own bureaucrats. The high GDP was contributed for oils. Without oils, Libya would be much like North Korea or Yemen.

He controlled people’s medias and he had no respect on others. In fact, he has nothing considered idol, he was idolized by force not by will. Gaddafi wanted Libyans to obey him forever!

He distrusted his own people, and he put his family members and loyalists into the power. He discouraged trusting brilliant personnel and appointed mostly loyalists who had no ideas or no clues on politics. This was when we realized that the reason he lost the Civil War and murdered.

He crushed people by blood, he used a Juche-pseudoic system to ingrain into the people’s mind like in North Korea. In the end, he had established a dynasty himself, called Gaddafi Dynasty. His son, his children, his women, men… were also idolized to Goddess. Really?

System of economy had been heavily monitored, neglected, and exploited only for Gaddafi! Juridical of Libya was used by Gaddafi to serve himself only. He caused frictions with number of neighbors and no one liked him at all. He was a bad diplomat and politician.

I think Libyans are right, they had overthrown that crazy dictator. Given that today Libya is still struggling to find peace, I feel upset. But I don’t think Libyans would ever regret the decision to remove Gaddafi and his cronies.


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