In case you didn’t know, music produces so much money than many well set up business organizations. To top it off, music and does not select certain groups of people called graduates to pay. It pays just any fortunate talented fellow.

Our own Starboy, Wizkid, who started out in the slumps of Ojuelegba, has become a force to be reckoned with in the music world, both nationally and internationally. As a matter of fact, he is now more internationally recognized than locally recognized. This has boosted his earnings and placed him in a position where he does so little and gains so much.

Can you believe that CAF paid Wizkid a whopping N45M to perform for just 4 minutes??? If you break down that sum of money and calculate it into what the singer earns per minute and per second, you will see that he makes N11.2M per minute and N187K per second. The boy is indeed rich and he’s not even up to thirty years of age. Jeez!!!

Many of his fans have vowed to initiate their children into music or football so they would also reap the kind of benefits Wizzy seems to be reaping from the music world. What they, however, tend to forget is that we all have different stars.


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