Last year was rich on events in Nollywood, and unfortunately, they were not entirely happy ones. Sadly, a lot of famous Nollywood actors passed away last year, and this piece is a memorial for those Nollywood stars who have left us recently. Find out the list of Nigerian actors and actresses who have died in 2017.

List of dead Nollywood actors and actresses

If you want to know about Nollywood actors who died recently, you have come to the right place. Here is a complete list of Nigerian actresses and actors who left this world last year and are now in the better place.

1. Toyin Majekodunmi

This Yoruba actress passed away in January 2017, and this event shook the Yoruba movie industry. This lady’s acting was absolutely delightful when she shone in various Yoruba movies. She was married to a man who is also an actor, Solomon Majekodunmi. They often starred together in movies. The couple also has two daughters and one son together. The Nollywood actress also worked in the Lagos State’s ministry of information for long years.

Toyin Majekodunmi

2. James Uche

The Nollywood star James Uche has passed away in March 2017 after a long battle with kidney ailment and diabetes. He died on his way to the hospital in the ambulance. Sadly, it happened two days before his planned trip to India for kidney transplantation. For a few months, the actor was bedridden, and his illness lasted for eight years. He had high blood pressure, kidney failure, and diabetes. This Nollywood star was famous for his prominent roles in the movies “Coronation”, “Igodo”, “The Councillor”, and “Lost Kingdom”.

James Uche

3. Modupe Oyekunle

This beautiful actress passed away very unexpectedly in April 2017 while in labour or her third baby. Unlike her mother, the little girl survived. Modupe Oyekunle was popular for her well-known role of Sandra in “Ibi Giga”, and many other movies. Because of her complexion, this lady was called Oyinbo. Sadly, the Nollywood industry lost a good actress, and three children have lost their mother.

4. Olumide Bakare

Another veteran among Nigerian actors, Olumide Bakare, has lost his battle with heart and lung disease in April 2017. For over a year, he fought with the illness, and earlier in the year he had a cardiac arrest, which led to placing him in intensive care. Olumide Bakare was 65 years old. He gained his popularity after playing Chief Koko in the television series “Koko Close”. His other notable work includes the movie “Doctor Bello”, where he played alongside Nollywood and Hollywood stars.

Olumide Bakare

5. Samuel Adesanya

This Yoruba movie star, who was also known as Pastor Ajidara, passed away in May 2017. He was 62 years old, and the cause of his death was kidney failure. Although his family asked for financial support for him when it became clear he needed a kidney transplant, he died a few days afterwards. Before his death, Samuel Adesanya was a chairman of Ogun State TAMPAN (the association of Nigerian movie actors and producers).

6. Moji Olayia

This death was probably the least expected among Nigerians because a day before her sudden passing the well-known actress Moji Olayia made a post on social media. She was a daughter of Nigerian maestro Victor Olayia. Her prominent movies were “No Pains, No Gains”, “Sade Blade”, “Nkan adun”, and “Omo Iya Meta Leyi”. Only a few months before her passing in May 2017, which was said to have happened because of cardiac arrest, Moji Olayia gave birth to her first child in Canada.

Moji Olayia

7. Victor Eze Okwuchukwu

The Nollywood celebrity who played Alika in “Fuji House of Commotion”, sadly passed away in June 2017 after a long battle with stroke. He was also a dancer and writer. His other famous movie works were “Beyond Reason”, “Stigma”, “Widows”, “Changing Faces”, “Baby Guards 2”, and “Together as One”.

8. Obi Madubogwu

The well-known actor who starred in “Conspiracy” made a public announcement in 2016 that he needed support for his health. Upon further reports, it came to light that Obi Madubogwu had just come out of comatose state after a diabetic foot, and he needed surgery and expensive medications to avoid the leg amputation. Sadly, in August 2017 the beloved actor passed away.

9. Alhaji Kasimu Yero

The veteran Nollywood actor was confirmed dead by his son, Masur Yero. Alhaji Kasimu Yero, who was 70, passed away after a long illness in September 2017. He was later buried according to Islamic rites at the Sultan Bellow mosque.

10. Okwy Chukwujekwu

This comedian actor, who had a prominent role in “Men of Wisdom”, unfortunately, passed away as a result of an asthma attack. The death of a popular actor, who was also known as Main Bossman, was confirmed by another actor Odira Nwobu. He passed away in September 2017 and was buried the following month.

Okwy Chukwujekwu

11 Friday Ugwu

The tragic death of this actor and film producer in September 2017 absolutely stunned Nollywood. He was in a fatal accident while riding together with his friend along the Lagos-Badagry road. The trailer suddenly ran over them and instantly crushed them. Friday Ugwu was a star of the movie “Okaka De Don”, which brought him popularity.

12. Funke Abisogun-Alhassan

Here is another actress who has passed away only a couple of days after she gave birth to her baby. She died in October 2017, and the actor Tunde Ola Yusuf shared the sad news on social media. Funke Abisogun-Alhassan was truly an active and determined woman, she owned a production house and worked both as an actress and producer. She was married to the movie maker Taofeek Al Hassan Abisogun.

Funke Abisogun-Alhassan

13. David Nwajei

The Nollywood actor David Nwajei, known also as Davo, passed away in November 2017. The tragic news was spread by his friends Dona Power and Brumen John on social media. He died after a brief illness.

All these people have largely contributed to the Nigerian movie industry. May they all rest in peace, and we are sincerely hoping that 2018 will not bring us any loss.

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