Assoiciation Of Nigeria Braiders Released The New List Of 2018 Styles

Hair extension and styling is made in various ways. But in this article, we will concentrate on the most exotic and simple but very modern options. When it comes to popular Nigerian hairstyles, braiding is always the main focus.

The beginning of the 21st century was marked by trends of African fashion all over the world. African style was reflected in everything: rhythms in music, motifs in decorations, and clothes. Of course, the African hairstyles that can be found today in almost every corner of the world were not ignored.

Braids are weaved hair, not necessarily only in pigtails. It is important to understand the difference from dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are not weaving. They are entangled from the hair. This procedure takes a huge amount of time, sometimes reaching a whole month. Also, there is another important drawback - it is impossible to get rid of dreadlocks just be loosening them, the only option is a haircut.

You should know this before making braided hairstyles

A person must not necessarily have long hair for braiding. Curls at least 7 cm long are quite suitable.

Braids are made of light materials. 2/3 of them consist of kanekalon. Such hairdo does not add load to the scalp and does not burden the hair.

Braids can be worn in any weather.

Braids do not harm the natural hair. However, it is important to remember the rule: you should not use African braids longer than the period specified by the expert.

It is better not to try to unweave the African braids on your own

All the misconceptions associated with the harmfulness of braids for natural hair are due to the fact that people do not follow the recommendations of hairdressers. Removing the braids after the due date without special means will make your curls weak and crumpled. So, contact a specialist who will unweave the hairdo using special nutritional conditioners without causing any harm to your natural hair.

The appearance of braids closely depends on the skill of the specialist and on the quality of the weaving material. So having decided to make such a hairstyle, approach this task correctly, study the salons offering such services, listen to recommendations, advice from friends and then an exceptional result will please you for a long time.

The most popular braid styles

There are many weaving styles and ways of how to pack braids. If we will talk about each of them you would have to read this article endlessly.

Classic straight braids

Every braid made of 3 threads (with or without kanekalon) is woven to the end where hair is held together. Most often this is done by the method of sealing: the synthetic material melts well and fixes the braid. You can also use transparent scrunchy and beads.

Kinky braids

Funny and lovely curls bring features of ease into any image. Such a hairstyle will definitely help you look 10 years younger.

Twisting braids

Such styles significantly increase the volume of your natural hair. If you dream of an unusual and magnificent hairdo, choose this option.

French braids

French braids look best of all on textured hair - curls, waves or corrugated strands. Also, you can add a colorful kanekalon. Such a hairstyle should be light and carelessly as if a gust of wind touched it. When you weave a braid, keep your hands closer to the place of weaving. So the hairstyle will be tight and save a beautiful appearance for a long time.

All back braids

The French braid is one of the simplest kinds of weaving. You can also make it all back. This is much easier than might seem at first glance. All strands need to be weaved not over but under the rest of the hair.

The braid can be made in a strict form for work in the office/sports training or in a festive version. Even the same weaving can be used for different occasions.

Wool braids

Any style of braids can be diversified by adding the wool. This material is very light so it does not make even voluminous hair heavier. In addition, the wool is washed without problems and dries quickly. Threads are available in different colours, so braids can be designed for every taste from neutral to the most extravagant options.

Crochet braids

Crochet braids in Nigeria are used as one of the most popular ways of hair extension. Artificial strands are fixed on natural hair weaved in French braids.

Ghana braids

In this case, French braids are arranged so that they form geometric patterns of varying complexity. Relatively simple schemes can be performed independently, but most often the creation of such hairdo is trusted to a master.

Braids on the temple

Those who are not ready for changes can try a simple version of the hairstyle. It has three advantages! Firstly, this is a trendy accent on the temple without the need to shave it. Secondly, a pair of cleverly laid French braids will bring an acceptable note of variety even to the classic style. Thirdly, the remaining free part of the hair allows you to experiment. Curl it, make tails or weave braids.

Choose the option that you like the most or try them all in turn. Be bright, beautiful, and charming!


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