Dreadlock Styles for Men with Pictures

A few years back a judge in the US was asked to outlaw some African hairstyles. The petition sought to specifically declare dreadlocks as shaggy; it caused a huge uproar from the African American community. A similar case that too did cause uproar was when a South African University sought to outlaw dreadlock styles within its compound. Both cases, however, did not go far.

Styles of dreadlock have been advancing time and again, creativity has had a huge impact on this development. Today, dreadlocks are known as the topmost style of African hair around the globe. Creative hairdressers have also sprung up in all areas including the smallest towns in the world to the extent that it no longer is a big hustle to get your hair rolled up or to maintain it.

Short or Long. Doesn’t Matter. Dreadlock styles for all hair

It no longer matter what the size of your hair is. There now exists various dreadlock styles for short hair, medium sized hair, and obviously as long as the hair could be. For medium or long hair questions of style don’t arise that much unlike when it is short. While professionals require your hair to be at least 15 centimeters for quick weaving, there now exists an abundance of dreadlock styles short hair.

That should not, however, give you a false hope that some 2 centimeters hair can be quickly be weaved up. You need to have not less than 5 centimeters of hair on your head for you to have meaningful dreadlock on your head. With the reasonable minimum hair, the next thing is finding a good hairstylist and you will walk out with a dreadlock on your head.

Rocking Longer Dreadlocks the Right Way

While you can not wait for your hair to hit 15 centimeters, it is essential to anticipate for something a bit synthetic for your locks. Weaving your hair with synthetic hair strands is most likely the best option as it helps your hair catch up with right size quicker. It also removes the anxiety as you wait for your hair to hit the right size after which you can always get them removed and adjust to something more natural.

The next methodology is to have completely artificial dreadlocks attached to your hair. Those who love locks, however, won’t be very enthusiastic about this option.

Dreadlock Styles for Men

There is, however, an abundance of dreadlock styles for men, that is, with the right hair size. They range to their hundreds. It all depends on the professionalism of your hair designer for you to get one of the most suitable dreadlock styles on your head. We will only mention just but a few dreadlock styles men. These are:

The Mohawk Dreads which are attained by shaving side hair to leave a Mohawk with a specific dreadlock density on your head.

The Dreadlock Ponytail which is a stylish way of getting your locks together as they grow long and long.

Dyed Dreads that allows one to maintain a good mix of dying and bleaching.

Instead of the popular weaving techniques, you can have the Braided Dreads style for a difference. The style allows you to determine the size of your locks.

There are those who want thin locks rather than thick ones. Some of the best dreadlock styles pictures that go viral online include some of the dreadlock hairstyles for guys mentioned above. They sometimes are the most displayed lock styles in the barbershops around the world.

They are also, without doubt, some of the favorites of a significant majority of dreadlock lovers. That is not to say that there aren’t more ways that professional hairdressers can use to handle your hair. Whichever the style you opt for, it is bound to grant some satisfaction if you really love locks.


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