It's so unfortunate that Glo is starting this new year (or rather ending January) with a very sad update. The so-called grandmaster of data has quietly increased the price of her monthly data bundles, a bad new for all Glo subscribers.

This is not the first time Glo is increasing the price or slashing down the volume of her data, they do this like twice every year. Due to this increment, 2GB for N500 plan has been canceled, the lowest you can sub now is N1000 which will give you the same 2GB. Let's review this.

Old Glo data Plan

2GB for N500

4GB for N1000

9.5GB for N2000

24GB for N4000

30GB for N5000

55GB for N8000

75GB for N10000

New Glo Data Plans (as at January Ending)

N1000 for 2GB

N2000 for 4.5GB

N2500 for 7.2GB

N3000 for 8.7GB

N4000 for 12.5GB

N5000 for 15.6GB

N8000 for 25GB

N10000 for 32.5GB

N18000 for 62.5GB

N20000 for 78.7GB

By the look of things, Glo is still the grand master of data in Nigeria, because no other telco offers data at the cheap price. This doesn't change the fact that we're not happy with the increment, coupled with their poor network in some areas is a total turn-off.


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