It’s not far from truth to generalize that older women are a lot more understanding and caring than the young girls. With age comes an emotional maturity when you no longer depend on your “drop dead looks” to attract company and you’ve seen through the fickleness of hollow relationships. Most men are deeply emotional and feel a strong need for some meaningful emotional bonding which is hard to find in younger girl.

A Few Points to Consider

Here are some common reasons why some young men are attracted to older or mature women.

Mature Women Allow a Deeper Level of Intimacy

While it’s common for young men to be dating girls younger to them, or in the same age group, there are many who complain of the hollowness and pretences in the level of intimacy. A mature woman on the other hand comes across as more patient, gentle, understanding and caring. There is a dimension to her which is missing in a younger girl. Most young men are attracted to this dimension of depth in women.

Another point of be noted is physical intimacy which plays an important role in any romantic relationship. Young men who are attracted to older women have cited that they find it more fulfilling to have sex with a mature woman. There is a deeper level of connection and love during the act because an older woman is willing to be more patient and caring. Young men are prone to performance fear and with an older women they don’t have to worry so much about their performance because she is a not judging him for anything.

Older Women Are Lot Less Judgmental

Young men have several insecurities inside them and they are trying to find their place in the world. Some young girls can be very judgmental about how a man should behave. Mature women on the other hand have gone through this phase and have learnt from it. They are lot less judging or critical about young man. It’s deeply comforting for a young man to be in the company of a mature woman who is not judging him by any standards.

Older Women and Emotional Maturity

Older women have more patience and they are more understanding because of their emotional maturity. They are less prone to pick up squabbles over small issues. It’s easy for men to converse with a mature woman since she is more to the point instead of talking in circles. Emotional bonding allows for a more stable relationship.

These are most common reasons why some young men are attracted to older or mature women. It’s also seen that young men who are more emotionally mature find it easier to connect with a woman much older than them, than with a girl their age. With women, eye-catching external beauty might fade with age but is usually replaced with a deeper inner beauty that more than makes up for it.


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