MMM 2018 Meeting Update | See How To Recover Back From MMM

Following the recent MMM 2018 Meeting Update of MMM Nigeria information reaching us through one of their member, said that MMM Nigeria will be back with new strategies that will help its members to the whole lost of 2016 and 2017 investment that they make on the platform. I think this is a good idea but the question now is can people still go back on the platform again? cause with previous experience of its two years existence of the platform that has rendered some person’s poor and also enrich many.

The MMM Nigeria platform is just as a hand to hand donation to its member but with search been made by us of the platform works, it is impossible of MMM Nigeria to recover back. Below are break down of how MMM Nigeria works.

The came up with new pattern last that when participant make fresh investment, 10% will be released from the 2016/2017 old money of which work for sometime and paused.

MMM will supervise how it is working and to know when to increase the percentage.

During last year period they said that they have forwarded miscalculation in Mavro 2016 and expect feed back from programmers.

We should be realistic

We don’t need people that are excited (cos it ends after some time) or frustrated

Note that you can lose your money….. Make them aware of this

It’s your duty to sensitize all participants

2 Guiders were sued and detained by DLs last week cos they took cash from people

It’s important you explain the ideology well

It’s not good to be totally dependent for instance on our community alone invest e. g. Like farming

It’s better to do something with your hands, you can produces, you can run service delivery, etc…….

About proposals for events, we’ll soon match balances for proposals

Submit more proposals

We don’t need people who will PH today and run tomorrow,

We need to build a sustainable system… Don’t think of what will happen tomorrow, think of 1-2 years

To sustain it, we need to think out of the box

Most people think when programmers implement suggestions, it becomes sustainable…. NO!!!

Sustainability depends on you

Programmers do technical work

Majority of participants don’t understand what we do,

They see it as an easy money or get rich quick scheme

Conversation of Mavro for Naira to bitcoin and vice versa takes effect on new PH

On Participants becoming Guiders when they register new people, they are not Guiders because there’s no Guiders bonus for them, their status still reads participant

Majority get SMS notification now

Fake POP is checked within 1week now as against 1month

About moratorium for 10k+ and above, we are still processing their submissions

We are funding more charity events

About time extension for tomorrow, programmers have been alerted

We are working to create and automized Promo task competition, it will come on your PO soon

Focus on promo task, do them, they give us exposure on facebook

Give feedback: what can be done to encourage people to do promo task?

We don’t need bonus for promo task cos we already have a lot of bonuses

Let’s move forward, tell people about MMM, the risk etc.

How to Log into MMM Personal Office 

You may register by filling in the form;

Or you may ask MMM guiders to help you. The list of MMM guiders is below the form.

It’s up to you.

But you can choose only one option. Either the form or the list.


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