7 Emotional Wedding Moments You Can Expect

Weddings are emotional events. Regardless of how unemotional you here, some moments will get you teary-eyed. These 7 emotional wedding moments will happen and here is how to manage them.

Weddings are emotional, high-stress situations for just about everyone. From the planning pressure, to all the money talk. Let’s not even talk about the family drama. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.


Here are the 7 emotional wedding moments you can expect

1.”Here comes the bride” moment

One of the highlights at any wedding is when the bride appears. Most heads turn, and sometimes even gasp audibly. The radiant, hopeful exuberance of a bride on her wedding day is a moment to look forward to. While working down the aisle, here is how to walk and position your bouquet.

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2. “Igbeyawo” moment

Let’s talk traditional wedding moments.  Igbeyawo in Yoruba means carrying of the bride. This is done after the bride price has been paid and proposal has been accepted by the bride’s family. The groom is asked to carry his bride. The traditional meaning attached to this is to show that he is capable of taking care of her.

Igbeyawo is always an emotional moment for the bride as it comes with the feeling of being married finally after all the planning stress, it’s finally over! If you are on the big side, practice this with your husband-to-be severally before the event to avoid awkward moments.


3. Daddy Moments

From Daddy hurrying you up during your makeup and photo shoot to walking you down the aisle to giving your hand out in marriage, these moments can get very emotional from 0-100. Be prepared to shed a tear or two especially for the handing over stage. Have a tissue roll handy.



4. First kiss

Let’s just say, apart from the jolly rice, this is the next thing people look out for. The “first kiss”.


6. Vow exchange

People these days write their own vows and get very personal. They make reference to moments only both of them witnessed and side jokes no one else understands. Thinking of writing your own vow, here how to start.

7. Bye bye Moment

It takes a strong Mum/daughter to keep a straight face and dry eye when the bride has to leave with her new family. This is by far one of the most emotional wedding moment for any bride

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Inform your photographer. He must remember to capture 


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