Marriage and marital issues are very common in every part of the world. 

The most caring and peaceful couple get married and it’s full of problems. They fight over basically everything including how the toothpaste is used. This is seen as part of living together.

In our part of the world, there are various things that married couples fight over and below are 10 of them.

1. Disciplining Of Children 

This is one major issue for married couples. Whiles one parent will be on dishing out punishment for the kids, the other will seem to support or protect the child and this draws the anger of the other parent.

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2. Utilities

When it’s time to pay utility bills, then the father usually gets angry. He’ll point out how wasteful the family is with electricity or water in the house. He doesn’t fail to mention how little time he spends at home and what they do in his absence to consume that much.

3. Money For Food

This is the job of the father and when things are not too well and he’s not able to provide enough for the day, the wife will jump at his throat. This is not with every family though but a lot of families fight over this each day. Of course, they have to eat.

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4. Childbirth

Inability to get pregnant and deliver a child is one major problem in a lot of marriages. Once a couple of years pass and the woman is still not able to get pregnant, either the man starts showing some attitude or the man’s family makes life a living hell for the woman. At a point, some men will also begin blaming their wives for the childlessness.

5. Adultery Accusations

In this era of social media, this has become one major challenge in marriages. Husbands are chatting and talking to women on social media and messaging apps, wives are also getting hit on by guys every single day. There’s either a phone call at odd hours or a comment on social media. This leads to accusations of infidelity and spark arguments.

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6. School Fees

In most homes, men do practically everything. When the kids get sent home for non-payment of fees, the woman starts blaming the man. The man who is also under a lot of financial pressure will also hit back at the woman and they start arguing. You’ll be reminded each day that you’re not a man if you don’t find money for the kids to go back to school.

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7. External Family

This is a very dicey issue. A lot of families meddle in the marriages of their family members by making too frequent visits and requests. This eventually leads to dissatisfaction on the part of one of them and ends up in a fight once a complaint about it is made.

8. Friends

Friends are ruining marriages each day. The types of friends you made can either make your partner comfortable or not. When a partner states his/her reservations about the other’s friends, it becomes an issue. He/She is accused of not liking the partner’s friends. There are times friends convince their married friends to put up certain attitudes or character towards their partners and this normally ends up in fights.

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9. How Toothpaste Is Used

The day I heard this I was like “are you kidding me”? This is something that brings a lot of fights in most homes. While some enjoy pressing the tube from the bottom, others feel it’s no big deal where you press once the content comes out so they press in the middle. This is one major cause of fights in marital homes.


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