Do you have any idea of the top most expensive universities in Nigeria? If you have ever dealt with higher education, you surely know that some universities are more expensive than the others. Yet, do you know how much it costs one to study there?

What’s the most expensive university in Nigeria 2018?

People in Nigeria highly evaluate education. Those who already live well see education as a way to retain their lifestyle and transmit it to their children. Those who are only making their way to the tops of the society see education as the only means that can help them build a new life.

Still, let’s see, how expensive the university education can be and just imagine whether regular Nigerians can afford such education for their children or themselves. We’ll pick out ten of the most expensive universities in Nigeria, considering all the existing types: private, federal, and state ones.

This is how we will find out, what the most expensive university in Nigeria 2018 is.

A list of the top most expensive Nigerian universities and their school fees

Caleb University

This tertiary education facility is the first on the list but it’s the cheapest among the most expensive universities in Nigeria. It’s rather young compared to other universities in Nigeria but it has already built itself a fortune.

Established in 1986 as an educational facility that worked in the direction of primary education, it has developed itself into a real university with quite high prices. In 2015, Caleb university school fees was N505,000 (accommodation included).

Crawford University

This private tertiary school was founded in 2005 and it’s one of the most expensive private universities in the whole country. The university offers students three colleges where they can study and in return, demands from them payments for just everything.

Depending on the course of their choice, students of the Crawford University fees vary from N400,000 to N600,000.The students pay for their schooling, accommodation, and a range of additional services but in the end, it comes out that the school doesn’t provide them with any catering.

Covenant University

This private university is the next on the list of our most expensive tertiary education facilities and, people say, it’s well worth the money. In accordance with reviews and the reputation, this university is one of the best if not the only best university in Nigeria with the education of the highest quality.

The money students need to pay for studying there make about N790,000 and N814,000.

Benson Idahosa University

This tertiary education facility is widely recognized abroad, outside Nigeria. Being owned by an organization known as Christian Faith University, it has a certain reputation in foreign countries. Within Nigeria, it’s known as a high-quality university with quite high fees.

The cheapest course of study in this university is agriculture, students of this course pay about N280,000. The most expensive course, law, costs its students as much as N1,150,000.

Bowen University

This university is famous for the quality of education and known for outstanding fees. It was first founded as a non-profit educational institution named after a Baptist missionary. Being under the charge of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, the university is now one of the most prestigious in the whole country.

The university took its start with three faculties: agriculture, sciences, and social sciences. Now, the students who study there have to pay from N470,000 to N1,850,000. The fee covers the schooling and accommodation. The catering is not covered in the payment.

Afe Babalola University

Another non-profit tertiary education institution appears even closer to the top of the most expensive universities in Nigeria. This university involves five colleges: social sciences, medicine, sciences, engineering, and law.

The university is highly popular with both regular students and postgraduates who run their programmes here for the fee between N665,000 and N1,577,000. This is one of the most popular, most prestigious, and most expensive educational institutions in Nigeria.

Babcock University

Together with the Covenant University, this one is among the best educational facilities in the country. It provides education that meets the highest standards and global requirements. Being also one of the most expensive universities, the schooling fees vary within a wide scale between N502,000 and N3,160,000. The highest fees are paid by the students of the medical faculty.

Igbinedion University

We are getting very close to the end of our list and the most expensive university in Nigeria. The Igbinedion University takes the third rank among the most expensive educational facilities in the country and the most popular ones, as well.

Offering plenty of studying possibilities and a number of excellent courses, the university demands quite high payments in return. For instance, the most expensive department, which is medicine in this university, requires payments equal to N3,500,000.

American University of Nigeria

The second rank on the list of the most expensive Nigerian universities belongs to this educational facility. The smallest tuition fees in this university make N1,600,000 per semester.

Nile University of Nigeria

Finally, here it is, the most expensive university in Nigeria is the Nile University! Let’s take a closer look at the available courses at this private university:

Language studies (English) – N1,700,000,

Economics/Political Science/Mass Communication/Biology and its branches/Mathematics and other sciences/Computer Science/Engineering of different types, etc. – N2,300,000

The degree of a Bachelor of Law – N2,500,000

The degree in Medicine & Surgery – N5,750,000

Well, this is the list of the most expensive tertiary education institutions in Nigeria in accordance with the most recent data. Still, the number of all available universities in Nigeria is quite big and the quality of education they provide is no way low!


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