Lots of Nigerian people would like to change their place of residence for various reasons. Some want to discover new opportunities and challenges that come together with immigration to another country, while some want to be closer to their family and friends who live abroad. One of the most popular routes among Nigerians is Canada. In this article, we will find out how to migrate to Canada from Nigeria.

Why do people migrate to Canada?

So, why is immigration to Canada so appealing to many people in Africa and Nigeria specifically? First of all, there is a common belief that Canadians are open-hearted people who will always listen to your problems and lend a hand in need. Also, many people agree that Canada is a lot like the United States, but has less social issues like cultural wars, violence, and poverty. Of course, compared to Nigeria, Canada’s economy, quality of life and job opportunities seem like paradise. Many Nigerians have relatives in Canada, which is another reason behind the move attempts.

The country’s breathtaking nature is attractive to those who want to lead the healthy way of life and take beautiful photographs. For those people who are dissatisfied with African tropical climate, moving north would be a right decision. You have to make sure that you have done all the necessary research on Canadian immigration and way of life.

If you are Nigerian but would like to live and work in Canada, this article will try to help you out with your purpose. There is no guarantee that the move would be easy, but sometimes starting a new life far away from home is totally worth all the struggles connected with documentation and visa issues. Have a look at the following pieces of advice and perhaps you will be able to migrate to Canada soon.

Canadian immigration process

When you have made a solid decision to move away to Canada, then you will have to start thinking about the visa applications. Applying for a visa would be a tedious process, and it will require providing some important documents. If you are interested in the nature of these documents, they differ depending on the type of application that you are submitting.

If you would like to learn more information on submitting applications to the Canadian visa centre, you should visit the official website of High Commission of Canada in Nigeria, which you can find here: Once you are on this website, you will have to go on the “Visas and Immigration” tab, which is located on the main page. You will be redirected to the menu, where you will find different options. In particular, there are the following ones:

Visit – through this submenu, you will learn how to apply for visiting Canada for touristic purposes. If you are planning the short-term visit to Canada, this tab will help you and provide you with all the necessary information. It will also recommend you the major things that you will have to take with you to transit successfully.

Study – this one will be useful for those people who are planning to go to Canada for studies. If you click on this one, you will find the information which is relevant to the potential international students of the Canadian universities, and some useful articles about student life in the country.

Work – in case you are unsure about the migration just yet, but would like to take up a job opportunity, then you will have to pick this tab. Your work in Canada will be temporary, but the time spent in the country will be just enough to decide whether it is a suitable place for you. The guide will show you the required documents that you will need for work in Canada, and useful information about the various job opportunities.

Immigrate – the potential immigrants from Nigeria to Canada will make use of this tab. You can learn if you are eligible for application, and learn how to get employed for a job that will let you migrate to Canada permanently.

Family sponsorship – this submenu will also be useful for the immigrants because it will tell you how to sponsor people who come to Canada with you – this means, your partner or spouse, your children, or other relatives who are eligible for immigration.

My application – this is for people who want to take serious action. Through this tab, you will be able to create your account, apply for the visa online, pay the fees, and check the status of your application. You will also find out how and where you can take a medical exam or police check.

Inadmissibility – you should carefully check this page because it will give you information about people who are not eligible for entering Canada and check if you belong to any of these categories. Sometimes inadmissibility can be overcome, and you can learn how to do it.

Permanent residents of Canada – if you click on this tab, you will be armed with important knowledge about the permanent resident document and how to obtain it. It will also give you helpful information about starting a new life in Canada if you have just arrived there and are confused what to do first.

Protect yourself from fraud – this submenu is no less important than all the other ones. In fact, you are strongly recommended to read about various types of frauds that people encounter when they are trying to receive the Canadian immigrant status and the best ways to avoid them.

This page also has links to some important services that people usually request when they are searching the information about immigration. If you have not found your question among the frequently asked ones, you can get in touch with the help centre – the contact information is given on the website.

Living and working in Canada

Recently, the government of Canada has given the Nigerians who want to work legally in Canada such opportunity. The new program which is called “fast track skilled worker program” is a perfect chance to obtain a profession in Canada. Usually, people who apply for this project have to wait six months to a year until their application is processed and comparing to the other ones, it is considered quite fast.

There are approximately thirty different professions on the approved list, so people who work in these spheres can send their application. If you are unsure if your profession is qualified, you will have to approach the specialists and discuss it with them.

Nigerians are more common in Canada than you think. They have official jobs there and live happily with their families. The first steps on your way to migrating to Canada are choosing the occupation that you want to take up, then submit the application for the visa, and gather all the necessary documentation. All the Nigerians who nowadays live and succeed in Canada would say this is totally worth a try.


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