Three types of men who will never win the woman of their dreams

Some guys will never get a girl they like for fear of "breaking friendship". [Photo/]

Men, have you ever noticed that sometimes you really like a girl but getting her has been your worst nightmare? If yes, then it means you probably are among the following types of guys:

1. "I don't want to ruin our friendship" guy

There is this group of guys who will hang around a girl, everyone will think that they are dating but the truth is that they are just friends. This might be right at times but it is wrong when you as a man you are suffering from your feelings just because you fear if you tell her the friendship that the two of you are having will be ruined. Don't be this type of a guy, be bold enough and tell her, she might be yours just that instant.

2. "I will wait until they break up" guy

Let me tell you that you might wait until you see her posting on her Facebook wall that the wedding is in August. I don't know how you will feel but, it will be the worst news you have ever heard especially if you love her so deeply. In fact, it is bad manners to sit there and wish other people broke up so that you could benefit. Instead of wasting time, look for another special girl who will love you.

3. "She is my bestie" guy

In fact, these are the funniest guys. I remember I was friends with a girl, we were so close, so my friends knew that she was mine. They had many expectations, you understand how your crew can be right? So when I told them that she was just my friend, they in fact "banished" me from the squad because I was "wasting time'. Do not be this type of a guy, stop wasting time and tell her what you are feeling.


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