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With a lot of graduates searching for jobs, it is very rare for many who apply for a job to be employed. Leave alone securing an interview. Thus, if your application was successful and now you are to face the panel for the interview here are some helpful tips that might guarantee  you the job after an interview:

1. Appearance: A polished and a self-confident image sets the stage for a critical first impression. Make sure you have a fresh haircut, shave ( trim if you have facial clean fingernails ) if possible wear ironed clothes and make sure you’re well rested before.

2. Know yourself: determine what skills you’re marketing and to whom. This will show the recruiter you know yourself and have clear goals / objectives which are both highly desirable attributes.

3. Know your potential employer: Find out as much as you can about the company you go in for the interview, your knowledge, their ways and procedures will determine an interest in working for them.

4. Keep the conversation flowing: Do not wait until the end of the interview to ask your questions. Ask relevant and thoughtful questions throughout the interview. The give and take of this dialogue will show the interviewer your interest in the company is truly sincere.

5. Develop a focused message: use this throughout your job search, your job search is essentially a self-marketing campaign in which you’re the product, once you know the plan, you can begin to think of yourself in job market terms

6. Build Rapport: Rapport and your ability to build will be one of the most crucial element of your interview. Likeability and personal chemistry are not that hard and are crucial in these recruiting sessions.

7. Drive home your experience and qualifications: Identify and describe a problem of which you faced on your previous job and describe the actions you took to resolve it.


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