What are some overlooked businesses that can make you a millionaire?

Emma Miller

Entrepreneur Mind Map Team

You can create an online business as an affiliate marketer from anywhere if only you have access to internet and a computer or iPad. It is the easiest and safest way to make money if you are only willing to invest time and money to learn the robes and create quality content or materials for your audience.

There is competition online for most niches but with correct keyword search you will definitely have a cool ride and conquer your competition.

Product and service identification and Description.

Before beginning any online venture you should first identify products you want to sell or a services you will like to sell to your customers.
This will help you to identify your interest group, their age and relevant topics to catch their attention and them your products or services.

A niche to me is a small area of interest that your clients love and you can easily create good and quality content on.

Every broad topic might have smaller niches like for childbirth you can focus only on homebirths and create quality content to engage your audience and from there sell them your products. The more defined your niche the more your conversion.

Another way to define your service or product is to see what has no content online like homebirths and you focus on that. In online business you need creativity and innovation to succeed always.

How to get customers to your website

Identifying your niche helps you to reduce your competition and to get a loyal following.

After that, show yourself as an authority in that service or product by giving expert advice through your website blog and social media.

Remember, your advice advertises you and builds trust with your target market.

How to Buy a Domain Name

Get a catchy domain name that describes your niche and is brandable.
Really your domain name can be different from your company name.

Domain names cost from few cents to thousands of dollars so choose the one that suits your pocket.

Get Quality Hosting Services

Get good hosting service which may cost few dollars yearly.

Free hosting is not an option when considering a serious business because system down times and limitations abound with those services. With the best hosting service you are sure that your website will be live whenever your customers want your service.

Register your Business or get Permit to operate Business

After getting recognition online you can register your business name with the required authority in your country.

To find out how to register businesses in different countries check my posts.

Really there are countries like Japan where sole proprietors with eligible visa don’t need any formal registration.

Designing your affiliate marketing website

There are many options to choose from but as a beginner I will recommend this affiliate training if you want a WordPress website.

Your website should look professional, trustworthy and easy to use. Try not to use strange colors and fonts that put people off.

Get a trustworthy person to setup your website. Remember that for affiliate marketing delicate information such as emails are collected so the need for a trusted professional working on your website if you want to avoid unnecessary litigation.

How do you Market yourself on a Bootstrap Budget?

Content on your website can market you more than any other. You can use keyword software such as Jaaxy to know good topics to write about to get search engines like google, yahoo and bing recognizing your content and bringing you free market.

Also you should make your content unambiguous by using less jargon and slang. Make it very engaging and lively though.

How to Market your Website through Social Media

Social media has made online business so easy since you can target potential buyers in their geographic area with correct demographic information through Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and google+ etc.

As much as wasting time with social media is not right you should also have a plan to engage with your social media fans by answering questions and liking great inputs. Add new content, posts, pictures and new trends daily or often.

How do you monetize your blog or website?

You can do this through affiliate marketing of other companies. Every niche you choose have tons of affiliate marketing opportunities for you.
So research and join any. Some popular ones are clickbank for digital, commission junction, amazonand eBay for goods as well as services.

Google Adsense is also another wonderful way of monetizing your website through adverts dropped on your website by google depending on your content and a commission paid based on clicks or just advertisement on your website.

Another way is also to offer a localized service to customers either online or offline.

For me affiliate marketing online business is the best for nomadic travelers with a love for writing.

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Tim Hoffmann

studies at Hochschule Neu-Ulm (2019)

Sep 8

I feel like the most overlooked business opportunities are the ones that are straight up re-selling based. Especially everyday-need products.

Everyone seems to think that you need a revolutionary business idea that causes panic attacks for any competitor in sight. And I totally get why we think that way. The interesting business are the ones, that provide something new.

But maybe think about this:

Take a look around your house. What are the basic things you need every single day? Probably kitchenware like knifes and plates. Towels. Stuff like that. Then take a look at Amazon's lists of best selling items for things that have been around for quite a while.

Find a freaking awesome kitchen knife and re-sell that via Amazon. If it's the money you're in for, that's propably a pretty easy way. Utilizing the needs for basic products has made many women and men unbelievably rich.

Peter Nguyen

Business consultant, serial entrepreneur, AI programmer

Sep 11

The most overlooked business is your hobby.

This is what you do for fun, for joy, for personal growth. It’s what you do when you have nothing to do.

You don’t need any “motivation” to do it. You just do it naturally and are passionate about learning more and more about it.

So why not build a business from it, by for example sharing your journey or teach people how to do stuff that you know how to do?

You might ask, “Can I become a millionaire by building a business based on my hobby?”

Yet it’s the wrong question.

Suppose you become rich. What would you do with your free time?

You’d do your favorite hobby!

So the REAL question in life is, “How can I spend my life doing what I enjoy doing?”

Answer: your hobby.

Ironically, as you allow yourself to indulge in your hobby (it can be an art, a sport, etc.), you will naturally become rich if you share it with others.

Brad Spelbring

Construction Manager, with a large real estate portfolio.

Sep 8

MH parks, used car parts(salvage yards), commercial cleaning business, and diesel repair businesses. Most people don't realize how much money can be made by these types of businesses.

Remember that almost any well ran business with a good demand can make you a millionaire.

Muhammad Yousaf

Experience of 13+ years in Internet / Digital Marketing

Sep 8

Digital Authority , Called as Influencer Market

Bart Peters

Sep 19

I can't promise you to be a millionaire, but for me, small business is more practical.

Actually, there are so many answers to your question.Business in each industry can make money, but some earn more, some earn less.If you're new, I suggest you choose low-risk investments.Of course, the product is also very critical.

My friend is a distributor of kids diy decor . now , she is doing very well with her business .

It only takes one 2 hours to finish it.

There are no special requirements to cooperate with them except 2000 USD first purchase.

But before you make up your mind , you’d better apply a free sample for test and experience it by yourself .

Mustapha Makuya

former Owner at Entrepreneurship

Sep 8

Car washing. It pays off faster.


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