4 easy steps to conceiving a baby boy

If you dream to conceive a boy on the certain day of ovulation, you need to learn how to determine this period effectively. At the moment of the ovulation, the egg leaves the ovary, after that it can be fertilized during one day. To determine the perfect time for pregnancy you must subtract the luteal phase from the period of the menstrual cycle - usually, it means a half of a cycle.

If the couple has decided to have a baby, there is often a question about the perfect days to conceive a baby, especially if you dream to have a baby boy. Finding out the perfect day for the birth of a baby is not so difficult, especially in the modern age of the Internet, new technologies and advanced developments. Ovulation calculator for baby boy already exists and we’ll give you the full information.

You do not need to carry out difficult calculations to determine the correct ovulation period for baby boy using the difficult temperature measurements. It will be enough to use ovulation calculation for baby boy. It can be found on the web on the numerous specialized sites.

What is ovulation and how to determine it?

The common lady's menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. It means that the calculation of your ovulation in order to conceive a boy will convince you that conception can happen within 14 days.

As soon as the female body is close to the time of ovulation, there is a huge production of a well-known hormone which is called estrogen. And when the estrogen level reaches the level of ovulation, there is a considerable amount of release of luteinizing hormone. The perfect time for a woman to conceive a baby boy is only two days after the release of this special hormone.

It is currently possible to find out everything with the help of specialized home tests demonstrating the level of concentration of LH - you can easily buy them at any pharmacy. It is better to start doing your tests twice a day in the middle of the cycle.

A lot of women can easily determine their ovulation by the body signals - it makes a feeling of pain and discomfort in the lungs that day. For others it is an unfamiliar sense - in this case, ovulation calculator will help you to conceive a little boy. In the case of any problems with the cycle regularity, determining the special day for conception will not be easy for you, so it is really recommended to consult your gynecologist, who can easily advise you on this issue.

How to conceive a boy, if you know the day of ovulation?

Ovulation calculation for a boy is a process that is considered the most reliable and efficient, despite its labor intensity. A present method takes into account such the fact that the sperm must be more rapid to conceive a boy than the sperm to conceive a girl, though, and it has a much shorter duration of life. Considering all of the above, the conception should take place on the day of ovulation, or about twelve hours before its occurrence.

If you are interested in how to conceive a boy during your ovulation, and what else can be necessary for the application of this special method, the only thing you have to find out is the time when the ovulation occurs. Gender of a child can be determined by the specialized program which is called Ovulation Calculator.

This is the easiest method to determine a favorable time to pregnancy. The calculator will help you determine the most likely day of ovulation. The accuracy of the calculation program is approximate - women's menstrual cycle may shift due to infections, journeys, and even simple stress!

If you want to determine when ovulation occurs more accurately, it is also possible to make calculations analyzing the changes in the women's basal body temperature. This type of temperature should be measured in the rectum daily in the morning, recording the dynamics. Period, when the temperature is the lowest, is the day of ovulation.

On the basis of data for a few months, let you create a table of ovulation to conceive a boy. Such a long period of observation of the temperature of your body will help you to identify the certain day of ovulation, and therefore it will become easier to conceive a boy.

Ovulation calculator for a boy: tips and tricks

If you want to conceive a boy quickly and easily, use the following guidelines and tips:

It is not enough to simply calculate ovulation to conceive a boy; you need to have sex in the correct position. In this question the penetration depth is very important - that is, the deeper it is, the more likely you will conceive a boy. In this case, you are advised to take into account such postures as rider position and ‘the man behind’.

You should not hurry during the sexual intercourse. A woman should have an orgasm during sex to increase the likelihood of conception. The chances are increased by changing the acidity of the vaginal environment; the increasing pH significantly prolongs the viability of sperm.

After sexual intercourse, you should refrain from the shower for a while, and in general, bathroom procedures should be excluded.

A few weeks before the conception you should better increase the amount of different food that contains protein in your diet. You can eat meat, eggs, fish and beans. In addition, it is better to reduce the consumption of all foods that are recommended for the conception of the girl - these are all dairy products and also foods that contain a high amount of fiber. It's just people's rumors and observations, not a proved fact, however, in such a complex case any little thing can help.

If you want to conceive a boy you can download a special app to your smartphone and learn all the details of conceiving a boy or a girl. Use all the above guidelines and perhaps after nine months you will give birth to the baby boy!

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