Even since he lost his job things went so bad and worse, we cry every day, as I see him do odd jobs I cry, most times we go to bed hungry yet he won’t allow me work or assist him , the little money he gets he will give me for us to eat . Not until yesterday my husband came home crying that he was insulted because of meat today, that his co worker bought rice and meat and he tried to share with him and he slapped his hand and the meat fell to the ground.

“I know I will get a lot of tongue lashes but I need to voice out . I cheated on my husband because of 1500 naira to buy meat . I know it sounds stupid but many of you have never worn my shoes.

As he was saying it I was crying but I know we might not be able to afford it. So he gave me 500 naira this morning to cook and I desperate wanted to cook with meat, so I had to go sleep with some guy that has been asking me out and he gave me 1500 and I used it to buy goat meat to cook for my husband.

The joy in his face when he was eating made me happy and guilty at the same time , he asked me how I got the money and I told him someone dashed me. I feel so ashamed I feel like confessing to him , my body is shaking and I have not been able to look him in his eyes ever since.

What do I do , needed to let it out before the guilt kills me .”


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