Outrage As Young Teenage Boy Rocks Plus-Sized Lady

Here is a trending video of boy dancing with a big lady. The young boy was seen dancing and whining his waist on the lady as people clap and hail them.  Some think it’s OK and fun, others think it’s inappropriate for a boy of his age to be dancing like a man at the club with a mature lady.  The video has generated a lot of controversies and arguments. While many are hailing the boy for being such a good, talented dancer, others think otherwise.

Some others think the boy is being sexualize. They argue that if it were the other way round, that’s a little girl dancing like that with a mature man, that the outrage would have been much. A Twitter user @africanhateyou reposted the video and condemned such act and those hailing them.  See reactions

She wrote:
“This is exactly how the black community watches on whilst our black children are being sexualised, groomed and abused btw.”


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