Saturday, 9 March 2019

3 Sex Styles Women Can't Resist [ Must Read

Although some men might think women need men who pester them around or makes things too easy for them, they actually need the opposite.

To any man reading this article, below are three types of men most women fall for easily:


1. Men who persist

Not the faint-hearted men, but the persistent men who never relent until they find what they need.
Women love men who don't give up pursuing them after a short time; they prefer men who persist no matter how much they play their 'hard-to-get' game.

 They believe persistent men are serious men; the rest don't really need them.

2. Men who aren't afraid to say 'No' sometimes

This sounds quite sarcastic, but it's the plain truth.

Women don't love men who are always ready to change their stances just for their sake; they love men who can sometimes turn down their ideas or requests.

Most women need men who understand that they don't have to please everyone or someone at all times.

3. Men who don't act desperate

No woman would easily fall for a man who acts desperate; one who can do everything including lowering his dignity just for the sake of gaining love.

Love out of desperation is never real, and this is well known to most women. Be a man!


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