For many families who followed the Nigerian movie industry way back from 1990-2008 or thereabout, there were a number of actors that gave astounding performances that etched their names in the memory of many.

One of such screen heroes is talented actor Hanks Anuku, who was well known for his adrenaline boosting roles in action themed movies.

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A social media user recently took to popular micro blogging platform, Twitter, to run a poll in which he had attempted to find out the baddest Nollywood actor. In his options, he listed Hanks Anuku, Gentle Jack and Segun Arinze.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Abuja Minister - LLB, B.L,BBM, MG
 Who was Nollywood's baddest guy?
1- Gentle Jack
2- Hanks Anuku
3- Segun Arinze

6:00 PM - Mar 3, 2019
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Responses to the tweet resulted in more than 3,000 people talking about the actor and making him jump on the trending topics on Nigeria Twitter.

Hanks Anuku will fuxx sh!t up anywhere and leave.

His facial expressions gave us chills.

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When he gives this look, just go and start hiding your family members.

Based on unpopular opinion, Hanks inspired Hollywood block buster movie, Django Unchained

Don’t ask us anything, like the above tweet reads, ‘Go and Watch’

Who else gathered at their neighbours window just to get a glimpse of the ‘Old Nollywood’?

…and we mean the above image kind of Nollywood movie.

Hanks is 59?!

I’m officially OLD!

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Where did the time go?

Fun Fact: Do not leave your property with Hanks!

Like who does that? Only Hanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

I need Hanks’ type of courage. No, i mean it.

Wow! What a Legend!

This is in the Nigerian constitution… Hashtag WeAllKnowHasnkIsCrazy.

There is no debating this.

The video below will forever resonate!

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Ebuka Akara
 When Hanks Anuku spoke American Igbo ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

8:49 AM - Mar 5, 2019
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Blow my whole freaking mind away!

Hanks must be protected at all cost.

Hanks sure gave us the chills with the whole bad boy look….

Even when he’s not acting.

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Imagine with this look pull on you.

Often times, we lose the greats to unfortunate circumstances. #PrayForHanks!

…And whatever you do, NEVER forget the Legend that is Hanks!

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