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How to make money online

  Top ways to make money online in Nigeria Blogging. Blogging is still the number one opportunity to make money online in Nigeria. ... Affiliate marketing. ... YouTube Videos. ... Buy and Sell Bitcoin with Binance. ... Freelancing. ... Start your online bank with V. ... ySense (ClixSense) ... eCommerce business.


Bored? You need to be entertained? You play mobile games and then scroll through social media. Waiting for someone?  To kill time you repeat your routine of mobile games and scrolling through social media. Need to relax and be entertained? You repeat the same cycle.Even when waiting for a bus, waiting for your meal at the restaurant… Do you know you can do all of this and make money from “Your Cycle’’ or ‘’ Routine” with DICE NG . O por yeye! Dice Ng is an online gaming platform where all you need to do is roll a die or two and make money. That's all, so simple. The process is straightforward and transparent as players get to check their progress and monitor their winning streaks. You can also interact with other players in our community rooms. How amazing is that!The juice gets juicer as you stand the chance to participate in our weekly giveaways and win awesome rewards. All you need to do is to sign up on our platfatform  and roll, also Follow us on social media